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CABANA - 29% off sale Cabana hat made by Head 'n Home in California Cabana hat made by Head 'n Home in California hCABANA

Cabana - SOLD OUT OF SIZES SMALL & LARGE. An All Mesh Hat- Light Weight, Packable, Soakable, and Washable. The top and brim are laminated with cloth and the crown is air-conditioned screen/mesh providing constant cooling and 94% UV protection. This hat is offering our exclusive "Cush 'N Air" Anti-Sweat patch. The sweat patch is designed to whisk away the moisture from your skin and dry 15 times as fast as cotton. All Mesh: Let the breeze come through the sides of the crown! Soakable: Wet the top for ultimate cooling! Packable: Nylon Mesh bounces back for more! Sun Protection: Max U.V. Laminate on top and Rim! Washable: Hand wash in mild soap and water...Hang to dry. Great Summer Hat. Enjoy while fishing or boating. Extra cool. Great for bikers: fits in your saddle bags, Makes a statement while staying cool. Made by Head 'n Home Hats in California. Colors: Black, Latte (off white with brown under-brim), Ivory (off white), Sand (tan), Steel (grey). Sized Medium (Black, Sand, & Ivory only), Medium-Large, Extra Large (Ivory & Latte only), 2X (Ivory only), and 3X (Black only +$10).

Price: $87.00
Sale Price: $35.00
hDURANGO - Durango leather vented hat Durango leather vented hat made by Head 'n Home Hats - hDURANGO

hDURANGO - The Designer Mesh & Leather Hat Collection features our finest of the cool mesh hats. Exciting and stylish colors make these hats a perfect choice when looking your best is the order of the day. To the crown of each hat we have applied a two tone applique and double stitched it for a super look. The accent color under the brim matches the color framing the applique. To enhance each hat, we have laminated a suede liner to the brim, which gives the hat a more finished appearance and allows a greater degree of custom shaping. Made in California, USA. Color:  Chocolate

Price: $175.00
Sale Price: $65.00
Florence straw hat Florence straw hat - sFLORENCE-49

sFLORENCE - A Head 'n Home / American Hat Makers product. Straw Canvas. Light weight. Elastic sweatband sized Med. Water Repellent & Stain Resistant. Removable Chin Cord. Colors Cream or Tan. Size: Med. Made in Mexico.

Price: $49.00
replica buffalo/ indian head nickel coin leather hat band for Head 'n Home Hats. Black or Brown. replica buffalo/ Indian head nickel coin leather band for Head 'n Home Hats - bBUFFALO BAND

bBUFFALO BAND - replica buffalo/ indian head nickel coin leather hat band for Head 'n Home Hats. Black or Brown.

Price: $35.00
Sale Price: $20.00